Death's head hawkmoth - Doodshoofdvlinder

Death's head hawkmoth


Acherontia atropos

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk

This butterfly was a big surprise for some birdwatchers enjoying a little evening drink on a hockey pitch in Katwijk aan Zee (near the Dutch coast). The animal was easily caught in a plastic jar and shown to some people that had come to witness this rare record. The top picture shows the upperside, with the characteristic skull-like figure. The underside (bottom picture) is banded black and buff.

Unfortunately, the impressive creature did not survive and was later mounted (see lower picture).

Death's head hawkmoth  -  Doodshoofdvlinder   Acherontia atropos ;  digital pictures.
Sportpark de Krom, Katwijk aan Zee ZH, The Netherlands, 3 October 2003.

Death's head hawkmoth  -  Doodshoofdvlinder   Acherontia atropos ;  mounted specimen.


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