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Teus Luijendijk

In November 2002, Curt Johnsson, Klaus Malling Olsen, Pieter van der Luit and I visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We went birding in some well-known areas, in order to see as many of the bird specialties this country hosts. One week, however, was just fine to have a quick glance, but not more than that. There must still be a lot left, waiting to be discovered: even in 6 days of birding we saw several birds that are considered rare here....
During the birding we did here, I made some video recordings. The results are presented here as stills taken from these video tapes; just click at the thumbnails to obtain a larger image.

A detailed trip report will be available soon.

 Socotra Cormorant

 Indian Pond Heron

 Western Reef Egret

 Egyptian Vulture

 Greater Spotted Eagle

 Crab Plover

 Lesser Sand Plover

 Terek Sandpiper

 White-eyed Gull

 Greater Crested Tern

 White-cheeked Tern

 Collared Kingfisher

 Green Bee-eater

 Blue-cheeked Bee-eater

 Indian Roller

 Crested Lark

 Tawny Pipit

 Masked Wagtail

 White-eared Bulbul

 Desert Wheatear

 Persian Wheatear

 Hume's Wheatear

 Isabelline Shrike

 Southern Grey Shrike


Some sound recordings:

  • Sykes's Warbler


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