Two-barred Crossbill - Witbandkruisbek

Two-barred Crossbill


Loxia leucoptera

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk


November 2002, Huizen NH
November 2002, Baarn Ut


November 2002, Huizen NH

In the autumn of 2002, a strong migration of Two-barred Crossbills took place in Scandinavia. During the month of September, hundreds of observations were done in Sweden of this rarest of the European species of crossbill. This seemed to promise something for the other countries in Western Europe!
However, things didn't go that far that a mass invasion in The Netherlands could be observed this winter. In contrast to for instance the year 1997, only very few birds were recorded. One bird managed to turn up at exactly the same spot where during that previous invasion a group of at least 18 had been staying for several weeks, near the town of Huizen, NH. I made the following stills on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

  Two-barred Crossbill  -  Witbandkruisbek  Loxia leucoptera   adult male; videograbs (approx. 250x).
  IJzeren Veld, Huizen NH, The Netherlands, 17 November 2002.


November 2002, Baarn NH

Just a week later, on the lookout for some Parrot Crossbils that had been reported, I was looking through groups of Crossbills present at campsite "De 7 Linden", when my companion Kees de Vries all of a sudden exclaimed "Two-barred!!". There was a beautiful female bird, showing her nice white wingbars, neatly streaked undertail coverts and greenish yellow rump. Also on these stills the rather slim bill can be seen well.

  Two-barred Crossbill  -  Witbandkruisbek  Loxia leucoptera   adult female; videograbs (320x).
  Campsite "De Zeven Linden", Baarn Ut, The Netherlands, 23 November 2002.


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