Twite - Frater



Carduelis flavirostris

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk

Twite is a regular winter visitor in The Netherlands, but it is not at all common. Apart from the shores of the northern provinces of Friesland and Groningen, where numbers can reach figures well over a thousand on a good day, the numbers of wintering birds have decreased enormously over the past 20 years. Where for instance the dunes north of Katwijk aan Zee ZH used to host groups of more than 350 birds in the past, there are practically none found nowadays. Their favourite plant, Artemisia campestris , ssp. maritima , however, is still abundant in that particular area.
It was therefore a pleasant surprise, when I stumbled upon a group of 22 Twite, foraging in a roadside on Maasvlakte, in the SW of Holland. Although the birds were quite close, views were rather poor for videoing, as they kept to the grass along the road. Every now and then however, they would fly up in their usual erratic way, and perch on a nearby fence. It was then that I made some video shots.

  Twite  -  Frater  Carduelis flavirostris ; videograbs (approx. 300x).
  Antarcticaweg, Maasvlakte ZH, The Netherlands, 16 November 2002.


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