Temminck's Stint - Temmincks Strandloper

Temminck's Stint

Temmincks Strandloper

Calidris temminckii

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk

Temminck's Stints are fairly regular in The Netherlands in late summer and early autumn (as well as during spring maigration), though never and nowhere really common. They are particularly known to occur on inundated flower bulb fields, which become very rich in nutrients after a while. Farmers in the province of N-Holland do this (between July and September) to fight a little organism in the soil, which is known to affect the growing bulbs. Obviously the waders on their southward migration benefit a lot from this.

  Temminck's Stint  -  Temmincks Strandloper  Calidris temminckii  juvenile;   videograbs (320x), contrast-enhanced.
  de Geul, Texel NH, The Netherlands, 30 September 2000.


  Temminck's Stint  -  Temmincks Strandloper  Calidris temminckii  adult, with  Little Stint  -  Kleine Strandloper
  C. minuta; ;  videograb (320x), contrast-enhanced.
  Callantsoogervaart, near Julianadorp NH, The Netherlands, 23 July 2000.


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