Stone Curlew - Griel

Stone Curlew


Burhinus oedicnemus

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk

On my way with a birding friend to a reported Sociable Plover Vanellus gregarius in the eastern part of the country, a report came in of a Stone Curlew in Katwijk, a place close to where I live. This almost being a backyard tick, it was too much to just let go and we turned. Upon arrival, the case seemed lost, as all too often with this shy species: it had flown off and landed somewhere in a non-accessible part of the dunes. So it was just a matter of sitting on a dune top and wait.... We received some unexpected help, though: some kind of tourist, seemingly oblivious of the rules for access of this dunes area, came walking through the part closed for the public. Just when we thought his path hadn't crossed the Stone Curlew's, something large flew up and the bird circled around us, looking for a good spot to land. This it found in a dune top that could be observed from the main trail. Although the heat of the day caused a lot of disturbance, I managed to shoot some video footing, from which these stills were taken:

   Stone Curlew  -  Griel  Burhinus oedicnemus    videograbs (320x), contrast enhanced.
   Dunes south of Katwijk aan Zee ZH, The Netherlands, 6 August 2000.


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