Squacco Heron - Ralreiger

Squacco Heron


Ardeola ralloides

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk
and thanks to Ben Gaxiola


29 May 2001, Rammegors Ze

31 May 2007, Midden-Delfland Ze


29 May 2001, Rammegors Ze

Squacco Heron  -  Ralreiger  Ardeola ralloides ; Rammegors Ze, The Netherlands, 29 May 2001.


31 May 2007, Midden-Delfland ZH

Another individual of this beautiful species turned up close to where I live nowadays, near the city of Delft ZH. Every now and then it would show itself very well, fishing from the reeds or from water lily leaves.


Squacco Heron  -  Ralreiger  Ardeola ralloides   adult;  videograb (320x).
Midden-Delfland, The Netherlands, 31 May 2007.


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