Sooty Shearwater - Grauwe Pijlstormvogel

Sooty Shearwater

Grauwe Pijlstormvogel

Puffinus griseus

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk

Taking video shots through one's telescope is not easy, but can be learned with practice. Taking shots of passing seabirds, however, must be considered an art. The object always seems to vanish out of the viewfinder as soon as one presses the 'record' button, and it's almost impossible to get it back in view again. This Sooty Shearwater, filmed during a force 9 storm at the Dutch west coast was no exception. I still managed to get some pictures from the little video footage I took.

  Sooty Shearwater  -  Grauwe Pijlstormvogel  Puffinus griseus ; videograbs (approx. 200x).
  Scheveningen ZH, The Netherlands, 26 October 2002.


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