Short-eared Owl - Velduil

Short-eared Owl


Asio flammeus

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk


7 November 2004, Bentwoud, Rijnwoude ZH


7 November 2004, Bentwoud, Rijnwoude ZH

Voles galore in an area that was recently appointed for 'nature development'. Apparently these little creatures now thrive in this former agricultural countryside, where the use of many kinds of poison was all but an exception in the past.
Predators of all kind have quickly found this source of fresh food, for no less than 5 Short-eared Owls popped up early November. They could easily be watched catching one vole after the other. They also allowed me to make some video footage, although I failed to record the unfamiliar, barking calls they every now and then uttered in flight.

  Short-eared Owl  -  Velduil  Asio flammeus  ;  videograbs (320x (top) and 20x (bottom)).
  Bentwoud, Rijnwoude ZH, The Netherlands, 7 November 2004.


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