Rough-legged Buzzard - Ruigpootbuizerd

Rough-legged Buzzard


Buteo lagopus

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk


13 February 2004, Praamweg Fl


13 February 2004, Praamweg Fl

This species used to be a fairly common winter visitor in the recent past in our country. I remember days in - then burren - Flevoland that I saw 30+ on a single day. That has changed quite a bit nowadays. Only in the North of the country it is a regular winter bird, although scarce. In the rest of The Netherlands it is observed only occasionally, except for a few stake-out spots, like Slikken van Flakkee ZH en Praamweg Fl. The latter site I had visited early January this year, looking for Rough-legged Buzzards, but in vain. This time, however, I was surprised to see an adult male hunting mice in the same patch as that where a few years before the country's second Long-legged Buzzard B. rufinus had been found.

  Rough-legged Buzzard  -  Ruigpootbuizerd  Buteo lagopus   adult male;  videograbs (320x).
  Praamweg Fl, The Netherlands, 13 February 2004.


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