Ross's Gull - Ross' Meeuw

Ross's Gull

Ross' Meeuw

Rhodostethia rosea

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk


20 November 2004, Scheveningen ZH


20 November 2004, Scheveningen ZH

This extreme rarity is not only one of the most sought-after species of gull in Europe, it also represents the logo of the Dutch Birding Association. Now onder that this beautiful adult attracted many birders from all over the country on a wintery Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately for many, it was discovered just a little too late in the day, but nobody dared to blame the lucky finder!!
A made a few quick video snapshots, from which I took these grabs. Much better pictures quickly appeared on the Dutch Birding website, so please look there for a crispier impression.

  Ross's Gull  -  Ross' Meeuw  Rhodostethia rosea   adult in winter plumage;  videograbs (20x).
  Scheveningen ZH, The Netherlands, 20 November 2004.


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