Red-crested Pochard - Krooneend

Red-crested Pochard


Netta rufina

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk

A Red-crested Pochard was present in January 2001 in the wetland called Oosterschenge near Goes, in the SW-province of Zeeland, The Netherlands. This species is quite rare in this part of the country: most are seen (and they even breed) in the middle of the country, especially in the marshy area of Ankeveen/Botshol. Here they can be seen throughout the year, although large numbers have also been observed every year during the moulting season in August, along the IJsselmeerdijk North of Amsterdam.
The origin of the Dutch population is still unclear: before the 1940s it was virtually absent from our country, until in 1942 the first breeding was confirmed. Now there are approximately 50-100 pairs. The birds may have originated from populations in S-Asia that moved out during prolonged periods of drought.

  Red-crested Pochard  -  Krooneend  Netta rufina  male;   videograbs (320x), contrast somewhat enhanced.
  Oosterschenge, Goes Ze, The Netherlands, 14 January 2001.


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