Purple sandpiper - Paarse Strandloper

Purple sandpiper

Paarse Strandloper

Calidris maritima

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk

Purple sandpiper is a species that breeds in the barren arctic highlands. The winters, however, are spent along the rocky shores of W-Europe. Here it feeds on all kinds of molluscs and other crustaceans that flourish on coastal rocks, breakwaters, dams, etc. In Holland the coastline mainly exists of sandy beaches. It is thus not difficult to find wintering Purple Sandpipers, for they concentrate on the few places that meet their demands. These are the harbours of Den Helder NH, IJmuiden NH, Scheveningen ZH and a few other towns, and the Brouwersdam ZH/Ze. Here they can often be approached very close.

  Purple sandpiper  -  Paarse Strandloper  Calidris maritima ; videograbs (20x).
  Scheveningen ZH, The Netherlands, 24 February 2002.


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