Peregrine Falcon - Slechtvalk

Peregrine Falcon


Falco peregrinus

Picture: Teus Luijendijk

Peregrine Falcons are increasingly regular in The Netherlands. Would a day of birding 20 years ago in 'The delta' (the SW of the country) already be successful if a Peregrine could be spotted, nowadays it's almost a certainty on such an occasion. Often every suitable locality holds one or two of these majestic birds. Regular stake-outs are Kwade Hoek opposite Stellendam ZH, Rammegors Ze, Scheelhoek ZH, Bommenede Ze, Flauwers Inlagen Ze, Korendijkse Slikken ZH, Krammerse Gorzen ZH, Slikken van Flakkee ZH, etc., etc.

  Peregrine Falcon  -  Slechtvalk  Falco peregrinus   adult, probably female;  videograbs (320x), contrast enhanced.
  Left: Camperduin NH, The Netherlands, 12 January 2001; Right: Middelplaten Ze, The Netherlands, 10 November


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