Orphean Warbler - Orpheusgrasmus

Orphean Warbler


Sylvia hortensis

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk


Another addition to the Dutch list this year! And again found by rarities committee member Pim Wolf, who also managed to find the first Audouin's Gull Larus audouinii for the country last May.
"That's a quite a big Lesser Whitethroat!", he thought when he glimpsed a skulking warbler from his office window, just when getting ready to do some computer work. Obviously, he never got to do that work, for it was an Orphean Warbler, a mega rarity! Some colleagues where called to the scene and some video footage was taken. However, the bulk of Dutch birders that had come over to see the bird had to be disappointed, for it had vanished into the thick undergrowth.
The next morning, though, it was relocated and although it was at times very difficult to find, everyone managed to get some more or less good views of it. At one occasion I even had the chance of filming it through my telescope.
More pictures can be seen on the Dutch Birding  homepage and on the Surfbirds  European Stop Press Rarities Photo Page.

  Orphean Warbler  -  Orpheusgrasmus  Sylvia hortensis   adult female;  videograbs (approx. 180x).
  Middelburg Ze, 30 October 2003.


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