Uganda index

Uganda index

Teus Luijendijk

In February/March 2001, I visited Uganda on a Regulus (Sweden) tour, in order to enjoy some of the African avifauna. The seven of us (5 participants, the tour leader and a driver/cook/interpreter) travelled for three weeks in the SW-corner of the country. During the birding we did here, I made some video recordings. The results are presented here; just click at the thumbnails to obtain a larger image.

 Goliath Heron



 Abdim's Stork

 Saddle-billed Stork

 African Fish Eagle

 Lappet-faced Vulture

 Grasshopper Buzzard

 Long-crested Eagle

 Black Crake

 African Finfoot

 Black-bellied Bustard

 African Jacana

 Senegal Thick-knee

 Rock Pratincole

 Wattled Lapwing

 Kittlitz's Plover

 Caspian Plover

 Bare-faced Go-awaybird

 Diederik Cuckoo

 White-browed Coucal

 Spotted Eagle-Owl

 African Wood-Owl

 Standard-winged Nightjar


 Lilac-breasted Roller

 Broad-billed Roller

 Blue-throated Roller

 Abyss. Ground Hornbill

 Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird

 Spot-flanked Barbet

 African Green Broadbill

 Fire-crested Alethe

 Snowy-crowned Robin-chat

 Brown Illadopsis

 Black-faced Rufous Warbler

 Cassin's Flycatcher

 Purple Glossy Starling

 Splendid Glossy Starling

 White-necked Raven




 mystery Weaver






 Eastern Lowland Gorilla



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