A mystery bird from Sulawesi, Indonesia A mystery bird from Sulawesi, Indonesia

Picture: Teus Luijendijk

In July 1997, together with my birding friends Rob Bouwman and Chris Quispel, I visited Sulawesi, one of the many islands in the Indonesian archipelago. It was during a visit to the reserve Dumoga-Bone (in the NE part of the island) that I stumbled upon some feathers on one of the trails through the rainforest. These were obviously the remains of a bird caught by a raptor.
Looking through several field guides I wasn't able to make out what it was that had been taken here as a prey. The combination of bright pink (breast or belly?) feathers with black wing feathers showing white patches just didn't ring a bell.

Is there anyone out there who has a clue??

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  Mystery bird remains.
  Dumoga-Bone, near Toraut, Sulawesi, Indonesia, 24 July 1997.


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