Red-legged Partridge

Red-legged Partridge

Alectoris rufa

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk

An introduced species on both Madeira and Porto Santo. On the main island they are mostly heard and sometimes seen in the western regions, e.g., on Ponta do Pargo. I only saw one bird, which was sheltering from the strong winds in a gulley on eastern Porto Santo.
I guess they are heavily hunted, as we found cartridges everywhere (both on Madeira and Porto Santo). Once we saw a hunting party on one of the slopes below Encumeada and I wondered if these people don't still shoot Trocaz Pigeons every now and then.

   Red-legged Partridge Alectoris rufa   videograbs (approx. 250x).
   Near Serra de Fora, Porto Santo, 27 November 2004.


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