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Browsing through my mother's few picture albums I came across some pictures from the summer holidays spent by my grandparents at Noordwijk aan Zee ZH. Here they used to rent a house called De Vosjes. The children of families around used to mingle and play in the dunes here.
Here are some pictures of those days:


  My mom Tonny Elshout (standing left), beside Ciska Heineken (standing in the middle) and Willy de Beaufort (standing right). The identity of the boy behind them is unknown to me. In the front row, sitting on the right is Freddy Heineken (yep, the president-director to be!).
Noordwijk aan Zee, my guess is it's summer 1929 here.
  (from left to right:) Ciska Heineken, Tonny Elshout, Willy de Beaufort, ?, ?, Freddy Heineken, ?.  
  (from left to right:) Ciska Heineken, Willy de Beaufort, Tonny Elshout.  
  The house de Vosjes, Noordwijk aan Zee, summer 1929.  


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