Long-tailed Duck - IJseend

Long-tailed Duck


Clangula hyemalis

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk


January 2001, Brouwersdam Ze/ZH
May 2003, Den Oever NH


January 2001, Brouwersdam Ze/ZH

The spot to see Long-tailed Ducks in The Netherlands is without doubt the Brouwersdam, one of the dams protecting the province of Zeeland from the North Sea. Usually there are some small groups of birds here every winter. They do not come in very close, but every now and then conditions may be more favourable. When looking for a couple of  Great Northern Loons Gavia immer  reported here, I came across two groups of Long-tailed Ducks at fairly close range. These grabs were taken from the video I shot:

  Long-tailed Ducks  -  IJseenden  Clangula hyemalis   videograbs (320x), contrast somewhat enhanced.
  Brouwersdam ZH/Ze, The Netherlands, 7 January 2001.


May 2003, Den Oever NH

  Long-tailed Duck  -  IJseend  Clangula hyemalis , male;  videograbs (20x).
  Den Oever NH, The Netherlands, 3 May 2003.


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