Long-legged Buzzard - Arendbuizerd

Long-legged Buzzard


Buteo rufinus

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk

What to do when someone makes a report on the birdline of a probable Long-legged Buzzard, if right only the second for the country list? Only a few birders really went out to have a look.... At first nothing extraordinary was found, but a day later, there indeed seemed to be an odd buzzard present along the famous Praamweg in the Flevoland area called Oostvaardersplassen. News spread rapidly through pager systems and the birdline and after a while the identification as a long-legged could be confirmed!
As the weather was still quite warm, the pictures shown here are somewhat blurred due to the hot air. The flight shots were even harder as I had to hold my camera onto my scope and in the mean time was having find the bird with the 320x magnification thus achieved. But I did manage and the pics do show the rather eagle-like posture, fairly uniform tail and small dark carpal spots set against a pale background.

  Long-legged Buzzard  -  Arendbuizerd  Buteo rufinus    videograbs (320x), contrast-enhanced.
  Praamweg Fl, The Netherlands, 9 September 2000.


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