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Little Auk

Kleine Alk

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Pictures: Teus Luijendijk


November 2001, Oosterscheldekering Ze
February 2003, Zoetermeer ZH


November 2001, Oosterscheldekering Ze

Little Auks winter in enormous numbers on the N North Sea. They turn up in The Netherlands every autumn, in the month November in particular. Usually strong NW winds blow them close inshore, or sometimes even beyond that. There even have been reports of birds blown as far inland as Maastricht. Most individuals, however, rest on lakes or canals situated along the coast, or, as the one shown here, behind the water works that protect the SW part of our country from the sea.
The birds are usually quite approachable and may show their diving skills in the clear water; it is at times possible to see it "flying under water", in its hunt for small prey.

  Little Auk  -  Kleine Alk  Alle alle  videograbs (20x).
  Oosterscheldekering Ze, The Netherlands, 10 November 2001.






February 2003, Zoetermeer ZH

In 2003, following some oil spills in the North Sea, Little Auks turned up along the Dutch coast. One bird proved to be a long-stayer, on an inland lake at Zoetermeer.
As it was foraging frequently in shallow water, it could often be seen swimming under water, hunting small fish (presumably stickleback).

  Little Auk  -  Kleine Alk  Alle alle  videograbs (20x).
  Zoetermeer ZH, The Netherlands, 23 February 2003.

  Little Auk  -  Kleine Alk  Alle alle  digital picture (Canon Powershot G2, enlarged).
  Zoetermeer ZH, The Netherlands, 2 March 2003.


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