Killdeer - Killdeerplevier



Charadrius vociferus

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk


4 April 2005, Rottige Meente, Weststellingwerf Fr


4 April 2005, Rottige Meente, Weststelingwerf Fr

A new species for The Netherlands, astonishingly found on the same day another new bird for the country list was found, an - unfortunately untwitchable - Imperial Eagle Aquila heliaca over a migration watch point not even far away from the site where this bird turned up!

  Killdeer  -  Killdeerplevier  Charadrius vociferus   probably female;  videograbs (320x).
  Rottige Meente, Weststellingwerf Fr, The Netherlands, 4 April 2005.


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