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On this page I have uploaded a picture I took some time ago (January 1995), in the street where I lived in Leiden, The Netherlands. This bird - soon nicknamed Igor - was present in a group of common Jackdaws almost through the whole winter. It fed (like the other Jackdaws) on all kinds of street rubbish, but did apparently not return the year after. I myself couldn’t verify this as I was living in Sweden by that time, but I haven't seen it since, either.

Its white semicollar was very obvious, as can be seen from the picture. It is therefore likely that it is a Russian Jackdaw Corvus monedula soemmerringii.

Look for other examples of this Russian subspecies at pictures taken in Simrishamn, Sweden, or in Drenthe, The Netherlands. Alternatively, take a look in one of the latest issues of Dutch Birding (volume 25 (2003), no. 4, pp. 209-220), in which several pictures are included of the three races of Jackdaw occurring in The Netherlands.

Russian Jackdaw Corvus monedula soemmerringii   Nieuwe Rijn, Leiden, The Netherlands, January 1995.

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