Isabelline Shrike - Isabelklauwier

Isabelline Shrike


Lanius isabellinus

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk


3 October 2011, de Koog, Texel NH


3 October 2011, de Koog, Texel NH

My third Isabelline for the isle of Texel, the second Daurian (the third being a Turkestan Shrike L. (isabellinus) phoenicuroides on 14th August 2002).
Note that there is a hint of rufous on the forecrown, which is actually more indicative for Turkestan Shrike... I personally think that the distinguishing field characters of juveniles of the two are very subtle and probably widely overlapping!

 Isabelline Shrike  -  Isabelklauwier  Lanius isabellinus   male in summer plumage;  videograbs (40x), contrast enhanced.
 de Nederlanden, de Koog, Texel NH, The Netherlands, 3 October 2011.


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