Horned Lark - Strandleeuwerik

Horned Lark


Eremophila alpestris

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk

Horned Larks winter in The Netherlands in small groups, only occasionally larger than 100 birds. They often return to the same spots every year. Popular localities have been (and still are) e.g., Maasvlakte, Slufter (Texel) & Kennemerstrand (IJmuiden). Only rarely are they seen further inland.
Another popular site is the so-called autostrand near Oostvoorne, close to the Maasvlakte. Here they can be found throughout the winter, foraging in a quiet part of the beach, sometimes associated with Lapland Longspurs Calcarius lapponicus, or, as on two occasions during December 2000, Little Buntings Emberiza pusilla. No such nice associating buntings when I was there, but I managed to make some video shots, despite a strong SW-breeze.

  Horned Lark  -  Strandleeuwerik  Eremophila alpestris   videograbs ( 260x), contrast slightly enhanced.
  Autostrand Oostvoorne ZH, The Netherlands, 6 January 2001.


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