Grey (Red) Phalarope - Rosse Franjepoot

Grey Phalarope

Rosse Franjepoot

Phalaropus fulicaria

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk


October 2000, Vlissingen Ze
September 2001, Brouwersdam Ze
October 2002, Katwijk aan Zee ZH
November 2003, Starrevaart ZH
May 2007, Mariëndal, Den Helder NH


October 2000, Vlissingen Ze

Usually, every autumn a few Grey Phalaropes turn up in The Netherlands after strong winds. It is often a Northwestern storm that brings in some of these arctic specialties along our coast.
In 2000 we didn't get any gale force winds from that direction until well into the month of November. Nevertheless, a Grey Phalarope was discovered foraging in the Westerschelde just oustside the main harbour in Vlissingen, Zeeland. Although I had to withstand a force 8 SSW-wind, I managed to take some video shots and prepared the following stills. They show that this bird has moulted its juvenile feathers considerably further than the next individual shown.

  Grey Phalarope  -  Rosse Franjepoot  Phalaropus fulicaria   first-winter, videograbs (10x), contrast slightly enhanced.
  Vlissingen Ze, The Netherlands, 29 October 2000.


September 2001, Brouwersdam Ze

The year 2001 had more often strong NW-winds, bringing in a number of Grey Phalaropes and Sabine's Gulls. Sometimes the two species were even seen together, like here at the Brouwersdam, one of the so-called Delta works in the SW of the country.

  Grey Phalarope  -  Rosse Franjepoot  Phalaropus fulicaria   first-winter, videograbs (approx. 60x), contrast slightly
  Brouwersdam Ze, The Netherlands, 15 September 2001.


October 2002, Katwijk aan Zee ZH

A very confiding bird stayed in the small estuary of the 'Old Rhine', in the village of Katwijk aan Zee. It allowed the taking of pictures from very close range, but this didn't prove at all to be very easy, as the sea was still quite rough from a force 9-10 wind.

  Grey Phalarope  -  Rosse Franjepoot  Phalaropus fulicaria   juvenile moulting to first-winter, videograbs (20x), contrast
  slightly enhanced.
  Katwijk aan Zee ZH, The Netherlands, 26 October 2002.


November 2003, Starrevaart, Leidschendam ZH

This one turned up after a fairly quiet period, as far as wind was concerned. Starrevaart is an inland reservoir that usually holds good numbers of ducks, but some waders find their way here as well.

  Grey Phalarope  -  Rosse Franjepoot  Phalaropus fulicaria   first-winter, videograbs (approx. 260x), contrast
  slightly enhanced.
  Starrevaart, Leidschendam ZH, The Netherlands, 15 November 2003.


18 May 2007, Mariëndal, Den Helder NH

Summer-plumaged birds are very unusual in The Ntherlands. This female proved to be a long-stayer, at least till 23 May.


Grey Phalarope  -  Rosse Franjepoot  Phalaropus fulicaria   adult female;  videograb (320x).
Mariëndal, Den Helder NH, The Netherlands, 18 May 2007.

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