Greater Yellowlegs - Grote Geelpootruiter

Greater Yellowlegs

Grote Geelpootruiter

Tringa melanoleuca

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk


26 May 2004, Bovenmeent, Hilversum NH


26 May 2004, Bovenmeent, Hilversum NH

Somewhat blurry images (because of the distance and the sunny intervals) of the third for the country (although the first two sightings, in 1995, may have been referring to the same individual). This bird really was a Greater Yellowlegs, as it was even larger than the Greenshanks T. nebularia  accompanying it.

  Greater Yellowlegs  -  Grote Geelpootruiter  Tringa melanoleuca   probably first-summer;  videograbs (320x).
  Bovenmeent, Hilversum NH, The Netherlands, 26 May 2004.


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