Greater Spotted Eagle - Bastaardarend

Greater Spotted Eagle


Aquila clanga

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk

The winter of 2000/2001 has proven to be remarkably good for Greater Spotted Eagles in The Netherlands: no less than 4 first-winter birds were recorded, which, however, may all or partially have referred to the same individual(s). The first one turned up in the North, the second a few weeks later near Alkmaar NH, a third one in the east (at the Holterberg, the last Dutch resort of Black Grouse Tetrao tetrix  - we can only hope it didn't catch one for lunch) while the latest was spotted near Alphen aan den Rijn ZH, which is in fact close to Leiden, the city where I live.
This last bird was only seen from a great distance (approx. 1 km) and in rather poor light conditions, hence the poor quality of this shot. On the other hand, the pale spotting on the upperparts is just visible. This picture was taken shortly after the bird's discovery.



Greater Spotted Eagle  -  Bastaardarend  Aquila clanga   first-winter;
videograb (320x), contrast enhanced.
Alphen aan den Rijn ZH, The Netherlands, 21 January 2001.


On the second sunny day after a prolonged period of grey and windy weather, the first bird was found in the marsh area of Lauwersmeer, in the North of the Netherlands. It stayed only for a short while and was followed by the attracted birders while migrating west, over the province of Friesland. Together with some birding friends and helped by the information of others through mobile and pager, I managed to add this species to my dutch list near the hamlet Hantumerhoek, N of Dokkum. From here, it turned more south again towards Dokkum, where it was later seen perched in a tree.

   Greater Spotted Eagle  -  Bastaardarend  Aquila clanga   juvenile;  videograbs (10x), contrast enhanced.
   Hantumerhoek Fr, The Netherlands, 4 November 2000.


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