Desert Wheatear - Woestijntapuit

Desert Wheatear


Oenanthe deserti

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk


6 April 2005, Fochteloërveen Dr


6 April 2005, Fochteloërveen Dr

The reserve of Fochteloërveen is not only good for Cranes Grus grus and Short-toed Eagles Circaetus gallicus, but also provided food and shelter for this Desert Wheatear, a major rarity in The Netherlands: it has only been recorded 8 times before, mainly in late autumn. Especially the month of November seems to be good to find this bird in W Europe.
This record constituted the second spring record for our country. The first one, a female, was discovered by a biking birder near Oud-Alblas ZH on 24 April 1989.

  Desert Wheatear  -  Woestijntapuit  Oenanthe deserti   2nd cy male;  videograbs (200x).
  Fochteloërveen Dr, The Netherlands, 6 April 2005.


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