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To allow you a little insight in who exactly is behind this website, here's a little about me:

My name is Teus Luijendijk, I was born in December 1960 and I live in Leiden, The Netherlands.
As you may have guessed from my web pages, my main interest lies in birds. I started watching birds around the age of 11, when I noticed there was more than just Great and Blue Tits visiting the winter feeders in my parents' home garden. An old Peterson  field guide provided some insight in what more could be seen and that was the start of a 'birding career'.

After some time in the dutch NJN, a dutch organisation for youngsters interested in nature, I started more and more to try and see as many birds as possible. This was not only twitching , the pursuit of reported rare birds, but also inventory work in the dunes, reporting for the national ornithological field work organisation SOVON, and some combined cycling/birding trips abroad.

Birding has not been my only passion, though. I have also enjoyed very much to do sports and this mainly consisted of rowing, running (as well as some other athletics) and bicycling. I also mastered the basic techniques of skating and cross-country skiing. All in all, my physical condition was perfect and it was not impossible to see me visiting a reported rare bird somewhere quite far away from home on my racing bike.

Arnold Meijer (left), Max Berlijn (middle) and me in Monteverde, Costa Rica, 1992.    (Arnold Meijer)
In the mean time, I started to travel a bit further from home during my holidays, and it was in this period that my fondness of the tropical rainforests was born. First 2 trips to the amazing country of Thailand, later to be followed by destinations like Indonesia, India, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Brazil, and so forth.

However, things turned a bit worse in 1994, when I experienced the onset of a (probably inborne) heart disease called ARVD/C, which made further physical exercise at that level virtually impossible. Too bad, for I had all kinds of plans for further combination of my 2 passions.

Anyway, after some treatments in hospital things got rather stable again, so I continued travelling, visiting good bird areas in Madagascar, Uganda, and more Indonesia and Brazil. The most recent trip was an absolute mega experience: the Atlantic Odyssey, a boat trip that led us from Ushuaia in Southern Argentina to Antarctica and then up North, via  South Orkney, South Georgia, Tristan da Cunha, St. Helena to Ascension Island.



Me waiting to catch a glimpse of a Kivu Ground Thrush Zoothera tanganjicae in Uganda.     (Anders Paulsrud) Rowing at the Bosbaan, Amsterdam, June 1982. I am the stroke rower, team mates were Dick Rensen, Willem van Ee & Rob van Oppenraaij + coxman Pepijn Geraedts.     (unknown)


In the 'other life', I am working as a contract researcher in my 'one-man company' called Phytoconsult, focussing on subjects that involve plant compounds. I have thus been busy isolating and identifying (or doing literature searches of) bio-active compounds for all kinds of external companies.

Right now (April 2003), I am recovering from yet another operation to control my heart problem - hopefully it will give me the opportunity to continue doing the things I like, resulting in more bird pictures being shown on my web site!



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