Common Cranes - Kraanvogels

Common Cranes


Grus grus

Pictures: Max Berlijn &
                     Teus Luijendijk

The South-Eastern part of the province of Noord-Brabant (NB) is a traditional site where Common Cranes come to forage during their migration periods, mainly in autumn. In 2000, probably due to the mild weather during the months of November and December, a number of birds had been staying around instead of continuing their way to the usual wintering site, Lac-du-Der in France. When I heard of groups numbering more than 100 birds being present in this area, I set out with some birding friends to see what views we could get.
Arriving around 08.15 h near the reserve 'De Groote Peel' (where the birds roost), we found out we were too late: already a group of 68 birds had passed. Waiting for more birds to come out was to no avail, so we set out to try and find the flock, which must by that time be foraging somewhere. Fortunately, we knew where it was seen the day before, so that site was checked first. Here, from a considerable distance, we saw the whole group (numbering at least 155 birds) flying off again, though not far. Driving a bit further down the road, we eventually found a spot from where to get good views.
Here are:

  • some pictures taken by Max Berlijn, who was lucky to find a group settling in the vicinity of his car.
  • some grabs of the video shots I took. Distance to the closest birds here was about 500 m.





    Common Cranes  -  Kraanvogels  Grus grus
    Near Someren-Eind NB, The Netherlands, 9 December 2000. (Max Berlijn)

      Common Crane  -  Kraanvogel  Grus grus   videograbs (320x), contrast enhanced.
      Near Someren-Eind NB, The Netherlands, 9 December 2000.


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