leucistic Coot - leucistische Meerkoet

leucistic Coot

leucistische Meerkoet

Fulica atra

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk

Now that is a surprise when you are out on a winter day for a goose watch! Just in a corner of my eye I noticed this odd white blob amidst a flock of grazing Coot.
Leucism like this is not really rare, but this was the first Coot I saw showing such a patchy white plumage. The frontal shield was completely normal (off-white), as were the legs (green). The eye was red, but since that's normal for Coot, it doesn't say anything about the degree of pigmentation.

  leucistic Coot  -  leucistische Meerkoet  Fulica atra ;  videograbs (30-320x).
  Aalkeetbuitenpolder, Vlaardingen ZH, The Netherlands, 23 December 2001.


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