Citrine Wagtail - Citroenkwikstaart

Citrine Wagtail


Motacilla citreola

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk


29 April 2001, Tienhoven Ut

24 August 2008, Ooijpolder Ge


29 April 2001, Tienhoven Ut

Early May usually brings a wave of wagtails Motacilla migrating North, often stopping on the way in wet meadows in Holland. This Citrine Wagtail was discovered near Tienhoven, in an area known for its attractiveness to migratory waders and ducks.
Note the bird's rather pale plumage: it is not (yet) really bright yellow on the underparts and especially the head (the nape in particular) was somewhat whitish. The all yellow head, the broad black band over the lower nape and the absence of grey on the flanks indicate that this bird belonged to the nominate subspecies citreola.

 Citrine Wagtail  -  Citroenkwikstaart  Motacilla citreola   male in summer plumage;  videograbs (200x), contrast enhanced.
 Tienhoven Ut, The Netherlands, 29 April 2001.


24 August 2008, Ooijpolder Ge

A juvenile was present for a couple if days near Nijmegen Ge. This bird could be skulking through reeds for hours and was then invisible. Every now and then, however, it would show itself, foraging along the shores of an old river arm. Usually at a great distance, but I was lucky to see it much closer, thus being able to shoot some video.

 Citrine Wagtail  -  Citroenkwikstaart  Motacilla citreola   juvenile;  videograbs (320x).
 Oude Waal, Ooijpolder Ge, The Netherlands, 24 August 2008.


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