Canvasback - Grote Tafeleend


Grote Tafeleend

Aythya valisineria

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk

A possible first for the Netherlands. Although some, allegedly escaped, birds have been seen before (I saw for instance a female with several young at Nieuwkoop ZH, 28 May 1976 and a pair there 24 May 1980), this bird may be considered wild, although I tend to agree with sceptics who claim that such a judgment is arbitrary.
This male frequented a pool in a water refining area in the Dutch dunes, which was one of the last open canals in the area, due to the freezing weather of the past week. Many ducks sticking together there even kept the ice away more.
Five previous records of this species are known from the Western Palearctic, the first one in Iceland, 11 April 1977.

  Canvasback  -  Grote Tafeleend  Aythya valisineria   male ; videograbs (approx. 300x).
  Infiltratiegebied Geversduin, Castricum aan Zee NH, The Netherlands, 10 January 2003.


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