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Teus Luijendijk

In June 2001, my girlfriend and I visited the Canary Islands Tenerife and La Palma for one week. We went to look up some friends who live in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, but I also wanted to see La Palma, as I had never visited that island before. It proved to be a wonderful visit. We drove around to see as much as possible of the countryside and did some birding, too. I also took the opportunity to watch the butterflies occurring at these islands (of which several are endemic). Videostills of some birds encountered are shown below; just click at the thumbnails to obtain a larger image.

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 Turtle Dove

 Berthelot's Pipit

 Tenerife Robin

 Palma Blue Tit

 Palma Chaffinch

 Blue Chaffinch


Some sound recordings:

  • Tenerife Robin calls
  • Tenerife Robin song
  • Palma Blue Tit calls
  • Blue Chaffinch calls
  • Blue Chaffinch song


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