Swallow-tailed Cotinga

Swallow-tailed Cotinga

Phibalura flavirostris

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk

To my utter disbelief, when enjoying a cool drink just outside the restaurant, a Swallow-tailed Cotinga just perched in a tree opposite to me. The bird I had been looking for in the forest all morning was there just 3 m away from me! Of course I was too surprised to undertake any action (like starting video recording), so it flew off before I got to my senses again.
Fortunately, I found out the next morning why the bird had come so close and why it dared to enter the HQ area of the State Park. Only a few trees further down the road it had a nest! Two chicks were visible here and both adults regularly checked and fed them.

   Swallow-tailed Cotinga Phibalura flavirostris    videograbs (20x, right center and bottom left: 200x), contrast enhanced.
   Intervales State Park SP, Brazil, 23 January 2002.


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