Black Brant - Zwarte Rotgans

Black Brant

Zwarte Rotgans

Branta (bernicla) nigricans

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk

Black Brants can be found in The Netherlands every year, if one can stand the sometimes arduous task of screening through large groups of Brent Geese. The reward is always a very bright goose with a contrast-rich plumage, standing out from the other Branta  geese.
A good site to watch Brent Geese is Scharendijke, on the island of Schouwen (Zeeland). The birds feed here on meadows just east of the village and can be very confiding. It's just the occasional wintering Peregrine that might scare them off for some time, but apart from that, they are always there. This winter, both a Black Brant and a Pale-bellied Brent Goose B. (bernicla) hrota  were present in this group.

  Black Brant  -  Zwarte Rotgans  Branta (bernicla) nigricans   adult;  videograbs (320x), contrast somewhat enhanced.
  Scharendijke Ze, The Netherlands, 7 January 2001.


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