Baird's Sandpiper - Bairds Strandloper

Baird's Sandpiper

Bairds Strandloper

Calidris bairdii

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk

A very rare species in The Netherlands. This bird meant (if accepted) the fourth record for the country.
Baird's Sandpipers appear to turn up once every ten years in our country, for the previous two were seen in Julianadorp NH in 1993 (31 July-1 August) and Huizen NH in 1983 (23-28 August). I managed to miss these two, as I was in Bolivia in 1993 and one day too late in Huizen 10 years before that. The first record, a juvenile at Maasvlakte ZH 21-28 September 1980 was before my active twitching period.
The bird shown here was discovered on the Waddenzee mudflats just outside de Cocksdorp on the famous isle of Texel. It was reported to forage in the distance, (rather atypically) following the receding water after the high tide. However, when we arrived the following day, it turned out to be very confiding and allowing close views along a little shore where many waders were loafing.
Some video stills from me are shown here, but more pictures are shown on the DBA homepage.
The bird was only briefly seen the next day and at a much greater distance.

  Baird's Sandpiper  -  Bairds Strandloper  Calidris bairdii, adult; videograbs (approx. 300x, last 5 stills 20x and 100x).
  de Cocksdorp, Texel NH, The Netherlands, 8 August 2003.


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