Arctic Redpoll - Witstuitbarmsijs

Arctic Redpoll


Carduelis hornemanni

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk


29 December 2001, Zuid-Eijerland, Texel NH

15 October 2003, Huisduinen NH


29 December 2001, Zuid-Eijerland, Texel NH

No less than 4 Arctic Redpolls were present in a large group of Hoary Redpolls Carduelis flammea, at the end of the year 2001 on the isle of Texel. The stills below show these 4 birds (first 4 stills) and 2 more pictures of the first two (probably males, while the other two were probably females). One of the females was individually recognisable because it was ringed!

  Arctic Redpolls  -  Witstuitbarmsijzen  Carduelis hornemanni  videograbs (approx. 250x).
  Zuid-Eierland, Texel NH, The Netherlands, 29 December 2001.


15 October 2003, Huisduinen NH

A bird showing characters of the Greenland subspecies hornemanni  was present for several days in Northern Noord-Holland, close to where the ferries towards Texel depart. It was very confiding, allowing videoing from very close range. Note the fluffy white 'socks', the very white rump, and the somewhat larger looking bill, compared to exilipes.

Arctic Redpoll  -  Witstuitbarmsijs  Carduelis h. hornemanni  videograbs (approx. 20x).
Fort Kijkduin, Huisduinen NH, The Netherlands, 15 October 2003.


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