Alpine Swift - Alpengierzwaluw

Alpine Swift


Tachymarptis melba

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk

Another challenge is taking video shots of swifts. Usually the video camera cannot keep up with the speed of the passing bird, with the autofocus getting hopelessly confused as a result. This Alpine Swift was no exception in that respect. It was present for a number of days in the town of Wageningen in the centre of the country. It had a roost in a tall tower near the small harbour and frequented a quarter of villas with lush gardens near the arboretum. Here it could every now and then be seen very well (although it was also observed hanging inside the harbour tower). But even given the good views one could have here, it was still tough to get good video shots.

  Alpine Swift  -  Alpengierzwaluw  Tachymarptis melba ; videograbs (20x).
  Wageningen Ge, The Netherlands, 12 November 2002.


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