African Chaffinch - Afrikaanse Vink

African Chaffinch

Afrikaanse Vink

Fringilla (coelebs) africana/spodiogenys

Pictures: Teus Luijendijk

Another possible first for the Netherlands. Although this is not a subspecies renowned for its vagrancy potential, it might have reached our country on its own, e.g., by ship-assistance. The place where it showed up (the mouth of the Rotterdam harbour) can be considered as quite typical for ship-assisted vagrant birds. Although not particularly known to be popular as such, an origin as a (escaped) cagebird cannot be ruled out either.
African Chaffinch could be a future split from Common Chaffinch F. coelebs. It was probably for that reason that a lot of birders showed up on this Saturday morning to have a look at it. More (and better) pictures can be seen at the Dutch Birding homepage.

  African Chaffinch  -  Afrikaanse Vink  Fringilla (coelebs) africana/spodiogenys, male ; videograbs (approx. 100x).
  Maasvlakte, Rotterdam ZH, The Netherlands, 5 April 2003.


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